Veratis Institutional Advisors is an independent, fee-only advisory firm focusing on middle to large market retirement plans typically ranging from $20 million to $2 billion in plan assets. We add value by maintaining our focus, independence, and passion for service and education. Our team prioritizes tasks that make us more valuable to our clients over sales initiatives.  We could grow faster, but it would come at the expense of our clients, a fact that we cannot accept.

We have operated in a fully disclosed, fee-only manner since inception - a claim that cannot be made by many firms. In an industry where compensation creates unhealthy incentives, our approach ensures that the recommendations we make are free of the bias that product compensation can create.

We are more than an investment advisory firm; we are a retirement plan advisory firm with equally strong plan design and employer support capabilities. Our team maintains a high level of industry knowledge and routinely assists clients with other fiduciary related issues, such as the practical interpretation of industry regulations and the selection of record-keeping, custodial and audit firms.

Veratis was formed by industry insiders and has been serving clients since the late 1990’s.  What began as a passionate vision of helping plan sponsors increase flexibility, avoid compensation biases, and increase overall plan quality has evolved into a specialized firm adept at helping clients navigate the investment and retirement plan marketplaces.