As Managing Director of Veratis, Steve leads the firm’s retirement plan advisory effort.  He was instrumental in the development of the firm’s client-focused culture, and he is committed to ensuring that our team 1) does not lose sight of the reasons we are in the business and 2) maintains a passion for serving clients at a very high level.  He also plays an active role in the firm’s investment selection and monitoring process and is a member of the Investment Committee.

Steve has a strong appetite for knowledge and has spent the vast majority of his career deepening his understanding of the retirement plan industry so he can better lead the firm and serve clients.  He uses his knowledge to analyze common hurdles faced by plan sponsors and participants in order to develop solutions that have a positive impact on retirement readiness.  Steve is an innovative thinker, which has allowed Veratis to develop and implement a number of solutions that are either ahead of industry trends or unique to the firm.

As a passionate educator, Steve enjoys building the knowledge of retirement plan committees to ensure that they make prudent, informed decisions.  He is also devoted to the firm’s ongoing analysis of various learning styles, which helps our team and our clients develop strategies to more effectively communicate with plan participants and build their retirement knowledge.

Steve majored in Finance and has been in the financial services industry since the mid-1990s.  When away from the office, he cherishes his time with his wife and daughters.  He also enjoys serving others within the community.