It is commonly understood that asset allocation is the largest component of investment return; however, making appropriate asset allocation decisions and avoiding the emotional draw to change course over time is difficult for many plan participants.  In today’s retirement plan environment, an increased level of flexibility is being offered to participants.  This increased flexibility is appreciated by sophisticated investors but can be paralyzing to those who lack the experience or knowledge to make successful investment decisions independently.

At Veratis, we understand the vital importance of asset allocation support as a complement to a solid employee education program.  Asset allocation support is offered in many shapes and sizes, and we are well versed in the pros and cons of each.  We help our clients evaluate the various offerings and select a solution that meets their objectives.  The key is to offer a solution that fits seamlessly in the employee education curriculum without sacrificing participant return potential, increasing participant risk, or greatly increasing the monitoring requirements of the plan’s Fiduciaries.