Our staff is comprised of former retirement plan administrators, trust company administrators, human resource managers, and auditors.  We understand what it takes to keep retirement plans running efficiently and in a cost effective manner.  We also realize that retirement plans are complicated employee benefits programs.  As such, issues that arise tend to be complex, and if not managed properly, can recur and result in a high cost of human capital.

When structuring a retirement plan and hiring service providers, plan sponsors have a difficult time predicting the amount of work that will ultimately fall back into their hands.  The level of client involvement varies across the industry and is often determined by the quality of the client service team.

The breadth of our retirement plan knowledge is one the firm’s key strengths.  Our service partners consistently state that it is refreshing to work with a firm that has a thorough understanding of the retirement plan industry, understands their challenges, and is committed to going the extra mile to ensure the client’s objectives are met.