The world of investing is complex and vast.  In order to help clients navigate the scores of available investment alternatives, advisory firms must have a passion for research and the discipline to adhere to their guiding fundamentals.  The market environment is ever changing and emotion often steers those who are faced with investment decisions in the wrong direction – even advisors.  This is where an experienced, knowledgeable advisor with a proven selection and monitoring model can add value.

It often appears to plan sponsors that each firm’s selection and monitoring model is created equal – in essence a commodity.  We whole heartedly disagree and we believe our process for selecting and monitoring investments is one of our firm’s greatest differentiating factors.  Our process was designed by the firm’s founders and is highly analytical, including six quantitative and qualitative steps and over eighty criteria.  It has consistently helped our Investment Committee identify the top talent in the money management industry and properly address issues that may adversely affect plan participants.